Recover From a Failed Salesforce Project

What might have gone wrong in the project?
If you have read some of our other sections on "Source for Salesforce Partner", "Get better value out of Salesforce" or "Get Business Technology Consultancy", you will probably understand our core differentiation and have some appreciation of where your project might have gone wrong.

If you have not, let us just quickly summarise:

  1. Salesforce is not just an IT application, it is a business application
  2. To get the most out of it, your vendor needs to know Salesforce but think business
  3. This means the vendor cannot be an IT person but a consultant – a business technology consultant who can align technology to business
  4. For the solution to be effective, it needs to be designed from a day-in-your-life perspective and not just from a functional standpoint

Other tell-tale signs

  1. If the vendor simply outsources the project to a third party, there is immediately a clear risk of encountering a project mess.
  2. If the only person speaking to you is a sales person or a technical person, then there is a likelihood that misunderstandings will occur.
  3. If the vendor is charging you based on time and material, then you know you may be expected to pay more mid-way through the project.
  4. If the vendor uses an IT methodology and functional requirement workshops to gather your requirements, this is a big RED FLAG!

To decrease your risk of project failure, you should ask yourselves these questions:

  1. Do I have a consultant talking to me?
  2. Is he talking business or technology to me?
  3. Does that consultant understand what I am trying to achieve?
  4. Is that consultant able to explain to me correctly what he understands?
  5. Is he going to be involved in the project or is the project going to be passed on to an IT person?
  6. Does the vendor implement in-house or does the vendor outsource?
  7. Is the proposal fixed-priced?
  8. Are they going to run a functional requirement workshop to gather my requirements?

Point 7 above is very important simply because any experienced vendor should know what the scope of a project is typically like and should then be able to provide a fixed price quote – unless there are unique requirements being requested for. Otherwise, your project will constantly incur ‘unexpected’ cost. Mind you, unexpected only applies to you, the customer.

Why do we have this service?
Over the years that we have worked with Salesforce, we have been pulled into numerous projects that have been very badly designed and customers want to cease subscription. This then gives Salesforce a very bad reputation…pricy and ineffective! This, of course, cannot be further from the truth as the project delivery would have been the root of that problem. To put it in context, even a Ferrari would lose a race to a Toyota if the Ferrari driver doesn’t know how to drive it properly!

Don’t just trust what we say – contact us and find out first-hand how a proper Salesforce project should run.