Get Better Value Out of Salesforce

Salesforce is a flexible and extensible cloud solution that can be used for a variety of purposes such as Sales & Marketing tracking and management, Customer Service and Case management, and end-to-end Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

But… – and it is a big “but” – the key is in understanding how to unlock Salesforce and uncover the value behind the world’s #1 CRM application. today, is the world’s leading enterprise cloud ecosystem and is one of the world’s most innovative companies. The solution it provides undergoes three upgrades a year with minimal disruption to any business operations and boasts of substantial configurability to suit the needs of its users. Why then are you not getting sufficient value out of your Salesforce investments?

The three states of project outcome
State 1: Vendor was supposed to deliver a Solution, but instead deliver a Problem.
The implemented application does not meet the needs of the business. It is not really usable and adoption is low. Most users have reverted to their manual ways. You have effectively purchased a White Elephant!

State 2: The application is being used operationally, but that is all you are getting out of it.
If all you wanted was an application that could help you run your operations then there are plenty of other software available that could have been selected instead. They are certainly cheaper but with likewise limited value propositions.

State 3: You actually implemented a Solution!
The solution has been designed to align to your business goals; it has addressed your business challenges and it has helped optimised your business processes. Over and above that, it has been designed to scale with your expected business directions and plans.

Now, if you are reading this section, it is quite likely you are either in State 1 or 2, or you are hoping not to get into any of those states! You are also likely to be looking for a partner to give you the value that you expected when you decided to invest in Salesforce.

You could logically infer therefore that we would minimally know a thing or two about avoiding the first two states. All that is left for you is to contact us to find out if we can really do what we say.