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What makes a good Salesforce Partner?
Not quite so! It has to be the RIGHT experience.

Implementing Salesforce for years does not make you good, it just makes you experienced. If you did not implement well in the first place, then you are experienced at being mediocre…which is obviously not good.

So if a Salesforce partner has been around for many years but all the partner can offer is to ‘configure and customise Salesforce to meet your needs’, it might be wise for you to think twice. This is because the value and potential of Salesforce is realized by a lot more than simply that.

Your Salesforce Business Partner
Salesforce, while often presented as an IT platform, is at its essence a business tool. Hence, your implementation partner should be someone who can come into your business, understand your business landscape, your business goals and challenges, then explain to you how Salesforce can be used to align to your business needs.

If this partner has been implementing Salesforce for a long time, you should expect this partner to have insights to many businesses, to be able to value-add and to have helped many companies achieve their business goals. This implies that the partner would have many references and testimonials from their clients. The vendor would also have senior people in their office that would rightly reflect their background of experience. And yes, did I forget to mention that the vendor should also have many certified Salesforce consultants?

In Summary
A GOOD and EXPERIENCED Salesforce partner should be your BUSINESS partner. They should be able to provide advice and have to ability to align the technology solution to your business needs. It is only with such a vendor do you benefit the most from your Salesforce investment. So invest a little time with us to understand why we have made the cut so many times before.