Increase Marketing Productivity

Let us cut to the chase.
What is important to marketing; and what, about marketing, is important to the business?

Let’s address the latter, and simpler, question first:

What does business want from marketing?
The answer is obvious – the business wants sales qualified leads (SQL) for the sales to go and close them!

This would be easy to achieve – if you only have to handle 5-10 leads and they are enquiring on the same thing. However, things are rarely as simple as that.

This brings us to the first question:

What does marketing want?
Let us first think about what marketing does:

  1. Understand company’s business, products, market and positioning
  2. Profile who they need to target
  3. Determine how the targets need to be approached
  4. Define marketing messages and method
  5. Start running the campaigns and the out-reach programs
  6. Handle inbound and outbound enquiries and feedback
  7. Engage and qualify the targets to determine if they are potential leads
  8. Get the leads to the point of readiness before passing them to sales as possible opportunities

Each item above is not a simple task to be performed, but a set of work instructions to be executed. This role is a combination of the Art and the Science. The Art part is based on the experience and ability of the marketing person, but the Science (execution) part is the same for all.

Points (e)-(h) above do not differ for all marketers, only difference is how they do it. More than not, marketers run all these manually or using a suite of disparate systems which they need to then stitch together manually. Using excel, emails to hard-copy forms, the marketing people really have their work cut out for them.

So imagine that there is a software that helps manage these end-to-end processes up to the assignment to sales. Further to this, the ROI of the marketing spent can be calculated which will help determine the most effective channels to use.

Marketers can now start to streamline and automate their marketing process to increase marketing productivity. With our marketing automation tool, Pardot, activities like campaign creation, marketing outreach channels, managing of landing pages, prospect journey from marketing qualify to sales qualify and instant reporting are all managed from one environment.