Build a business application

Keeping it simple
You want to implement a business solution and this can be a CRM system, a web portal or even a mobile application.

You are then looking for a vendor that can do one or more of the above but more importantly the vendor should have both the experience and resources to do it.

Cloud Business Application, not just infrastructure and not just hosting
Almost all technologies today are moving towards cloud. What this generally means is that companies today do not get bogged down with technology limitations like what they used to be. In today’s highly evolving and extremely diversified competitive landscape, a business has to be nimble to keep pace, if not breaking new frontiers. With cloud, you can then focus on your business and not worry if IT can support your initiatives.

Now, what type of Cloud should you then think about?

  • One that has the fortune 500 companies using it, which implies that its security and reliability must have met world’s standards
  • A platform that is constantly innovating and growing its technology and offerings so that you need not worry if your software is static, stale and out-of-date
  • One that was designed from day one as a cloud solution so that it would have addressed issues such as how upgrades had previously disrupted business operations
  • A platform which handles usage from different countries with different currencies and culture and regulations
  • An application that has a huge global following and there are endless availability of resources
  • Most importantly, the platform allows for third party integration which is proven through its extensive application market. This then proves two other points:
    • It is open enough to integrate to third party applications
    • Many other software companies recognise that this platform is indeed the leader and as such have invested money to build connectors to it

We are of course referring to Salesforce. The world’s #1 CRM and world’s leading enterprise business platform. Coincidentally, we do sell Salesforce as well as build web and mobile applications. So if you are looking for such services, just click here to get in touch.