Get Business Technology Consultancy and Advice

First off, let us explain what business technology is.

Almost all technologies today are moving towards the cloud. This generally means that companies today are not hindered by technological limitations like they used to be in the past. In today’s highly evolving and extremely diversified competitive landscape, your business has to be nimble to keep pace – if not breaking new frontiers to stay ahead of your rivals.

The challenge, however, lies in aligning these technologies to your business. Most IT vendors do not make the grade as they fail to incorporate a business mindset in their engagements with businesses like yours.

Hence, businesses typically consider companies like Accenture and Deloitte when looking for this blend of effectiveness. They do however, come at a significant cost. This may cause you to think twice, but what if you could consider ex-Accenture and ex-Deloitte consultants?

We are not merely consultants, but seasoned yet recent consultants actively engaging the business market for the last 15 years. From the brick-and-mortar to the to the present cloud, we have been there so it would be safe to say that we know the length and breadth of it.

Let us quickly summarise a few words:

  1. Consultants – from previous consulting houses
  2. Seasoned – we are not unfamiliar with Boney-M and the Bee Gees
  3. Recent – we have at least a project every month and our last project was probably in the previous month
  4. Active – we have done nearly 150 projects over the last 8 years

We are the best-in-value Business Technology consultants because we know technology, but we think business. Best-in-value because we do not charge peanuts but neither do we charge an arm and a leg. Read "Get better value out of Salesforce to understand our definition of value or simply get-in-touch.