About Us

At NAIT, we are fundamentally business people. It just happens that we really know technology and how to apply it. So when you merge the two together, you get business technology – which is what we do.

We are intensely driven to learn and understand your business and objectives as we are passionate about aligning technology to enable you to achieve your business goals. That is how it should ultimately be – technology powering the business.

We have made it a point, with all our years of experience, to make IT less about the technology and more about the business.

Method NAIT

A business-based methodology;

Day-in-Your-Life facilitation workshops;

Designing with a focus on your People and Processes;

Best-in-Fit solutions tailored to your needs.

We do things the NAIT way, simply because it works.

Over 100 successful implementations do not lie.

…so it’s not About Us, it is really About You – and that’s what we are about!

Nurture ∙ Align ∙ Innovate ∙ Trailblaze